Greetings everyone.

This afternoon and into this evening was a great time for Halloween here in Hawaii Kai.

It has been a long 3 years since we last had a Halloween celebration.  Instead of N-95 medical masks, the children of Hawaii Kai were wearing scary or funny masks.

So walking around the neighborhood I came upon Pikachu and T-Rex.




Three ghosts in the front yard.





Someone even opened up the back door of their car and set up a Halloween display.





And this werewolf was almost tall as the roof.  And scary too.  Dogs passing by would bark at it.




And more surprises in the front yard and gutter.




A surfing skeleton on a surf board.




Skeletons and cobwebs wrapped around a coconut tree.






A colorful decorated front yard.





Setting up for the big crowd of children coming tonight.





A friendly cow in a neighbors front yard.





This haunted house was featured on a local TV News station.

It is built on this neighbors driveway.

He spent a lot of time and money to set this up.

The doors opened at 6:15pm.

A long line of people were waiting outside.




No cost to enter, and children, teens and parents lined up waiting their turn.  It was scary but a lot of fun.





One of the first visitors to our Halloween setup, an 18 month old boy with his mom and auntie.





A gang of Trick – Or – Treaters.

It was a lot of fun to see the kids and their parents.

We’re looking forward to Halloween 2023.




Just another beautiful time in Hawaii Kai. Until next Halloween ……….. Boo