A day in Paradise in Hawaii






Hello again from Hawaii.

Today I went for a short hike as the weather here has been very cloudy, windy and rainy.

I decided to take some closer photos along the trail.

These mushrooms are not edible but interesting to see them as they are not always found here.

These purple flowers are found along the trail and they add color to the forest.

Looking into the dense forest with lots of ferns covering the open spaces.

This is the trunk of a very large paper bark tree.  The bark peels off like paper in small sheets.

This type of moss only grows in the shadows of fallen trees that are decaying.

A wild orchid with nice lavender color petals.

The leaves are very large, but the flowers are small.

I usually see these only in windy areas under the shadows of trees.

I think this is a lichen.

I have never seen this before but I thought it would be interesting to take a photo of it.

Does anyone know what this is?

These flowers also add to the colors along the trail.

Although this is a small plant, the older leaves are orange, and the small green leaves are the new growth for spring season.

When it grows tall, all the leaves will be orange and it add a lot of color to the trail.

In the shade, moss grows on this tree trunk and this long bladed fern emerges out of the moss.

It seems that the moss provides some water to the ferns.

New growth of pine needles also signals the spring season is here.

And these white colored flowers add contrast to the greenery of the trail.

This is just a small sampling of a short nature hike.






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