A day in paradise in Hawaii

Today I’m going to venture away from Hawaii Kai restaurants and show some photos from Happy Days in Kaimuki.  Famous for their Yumcha / Dim sum during lunch hours, it’s a place I highly recommend.


First up is a group photo of some of the many items on their lunch menu.  In the far back on the left side is the coconut jindui, in front of that is the steamed shrimp, then roast pork in bun, and in the front is pork jindui.  Next up is the potstickers, then pork shumai, and finally golden fried shrimp.



And some individual photos to add,  here is the closeup of the Coconut Jindui.  This has shredded coconut inside with sesame seeds on the outside.  In this photo they are not cut in half yet to see the coconut.  This is usually one of the last dishes to eat. Very light and tasty.



Next is the steamed shrimp, this is good when dipped in a shoyu and yellow spicy mustard sauce, or a mix of sweet sour sauce and shoyu / yellow spicy mustard.  Either way it is very good with the sauces.



Next is the Char Siu Bao or roast pork in bun.  Just break apart and eat without any sauce.  The roast pork is full of flavor.  Yummy.



Now the Pork Jindui.  Although this is not cut open yet, it has minced pork with vegetables.  No sauce needed for this dish. The group photo above shows the Pork Jindui cut in half.



Pot Stickers is one of my many favorites here.  Ground pork with onions and shredded cabbage sealed in wonton wrappers and fried like gyoza.  No sauce needed, but you can use the shoyu / yellow spicy mustard if you wish.


Pork Shumai, locally we call this pork hash.  Ground pork mixed with some chopped shrimp and diced mushrooms then steamed, it is a local favorite.  With or without the shoyu mustard sauce, it is most flavorful.




Finally the golden fried shrimp.  With just a small amount of mayonnaise added this is a very tasty dish.  Lots of crunch to this dish.


There are a lot more Yumcha dishes to try.  Plus there’s the full menu of noodle dishes, soups, and a wide variety of seafood, chicken, beef and pork dishes.  I can’t wait to go back again soon.


Bye for now.

Have a great time !